Jalisa and Jonathan

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Our Story

According to Jon:

Jalisa and I met via unconventional means through the dating app, Tinder. I was just graduating from pharmacy school and I had arbitrarily reactivated my Tinder account, not with much hope for anything of real substance.

I randomly ended up matching with a beautiful girl named Jalisa and spent the next few weeks just messaging her and getting to know her.  I remember looking forward to every message I received from her and I spent half of my day looking at my phone in eager anticipation. We set back to back dates over the weekend (our first date at Sushi Hana in Towson, and our second date at Michael’s Café in Timonium) and it would be the first time we would meet in person. I have to give her a lot of credit for meeting me as the world of online dating can be a scary world to navigate as a beautiful single woman.

I walked into Sushi Hana for our first date and laid eyes on Jalisa for the first time and I knew she was special. We talked all night until the restaurant closed (we were kicked out so they could finish closing the restaurant) and I knew that I wanted to spend all my time in the middle of that conversation.  

Seeing her the next time told me that the way I felt wasn't a fluke and I knew she was the one for me.

When we went on our third date to Sakura and the movies, I asked her to be my girlfriend and we haven’t looked back since.
Julia Hall